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Our Specialist electrician Des Mundy has many years experience in the field of electrical equipment and switch boards including design, installation and servicing.

His work includes factories, 3 phase systems on vessels including the more complex wiring of large vessel refrigeration and Hydraulic systems. A task where experience and knowledge of these systems far surpasses that of the average home or office.

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Electrical industrial and marine

Bill Berkhuizen, managing director, ably assisted by chief technician Michael Carey, have a combined 60 years of experience in the marine electronics and commercial communication equipment fields. We own and operate a tower transmission facility at nr: 1 site winter hill.

Ably assisted and with specialist computer and radio communication Skills is Senior Electronic Technician Michael Carey.

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Marine Electronics-High Seas

Fleet Electronics are dealers for both Optus communications (Optus Mobilesat® and THURAYA®) and Pivotel (Iridium and Globalstar networks.

They supply and install Inmarsat systems through AST (inmarsat a, B and Fleet, inmarsat C through Electrotech Australia

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Satellite Communications

From the earlier days in in the late seventies when huge cumbersome Transit Satellite navigation equipment took two men to lift and accuracy beyond a quarter of a nautical mile every hour or so was the most accurate. Fleet Electronics has been there. GPS navigation on the commercial front started in 1984-84 and with a 2 out of 24 hour window and equipment costing in excess of $20,000 We also had the first mapping plotting facility in Australia. We are still there at the forefront .

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GPS navigation