Icom Australia has a wide range of products from new AIS (automatic Indicating system) receivers to portable waterproof and floating VHF transceivers it has you covered at sea on the land and in the air



(NOTE : Icom models are extra channel transmit capable)

Important note: whereas Extra channeling is available on Icom CB radios at a full power level of 25 watts you must obtain (through us if required) a license and channel allocation, fees apply. 25 watt is not available on CB channels which have to comply with ACMA rules on CB “class license” (which does not require an individual license or fee).


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Product Summary

· First class Japanese made products

· Supported by Manufacturers’ wholesale distribution centre in Australia

· Because of above, prompt attention and resolution of warrantee issues.

· Quality engineering means the best product in reliability.


                           We have been  ICOM agents since 2000 and can attest to the quality and reliability of the product. In our endless search for the best products that money can buy we really appreciate a manufacturer that places quality and reliability in the forefront of its product requirement. Icom radios perform and are reliable in the harsh environment of our professional fishing industry. Communication is of the utmost importance to our professional fishers who rely on both for work information as well as the safety that radio provides at sea.

On the land side Icom produce some good and robust examples on the CB front with the ICOM IC-400PRO built on a solid cast metal chassis and further more capable of 25 watt on the extra (licensing required) non CB channels that can be programmed by us. (Private Mobile Radio channels can only be installed on application of a frequency assignment request which we facilitate).

Icom also manufacture a good range of Amateur radio reception and transmission equipment.

Aviation: Icom provide a number of aviation aircraft base station and handheld radio equipment. Models are available to suit Kit, Ultra Light, and glider aircraft as well as a range of handheld transceivers for ground crew and hang gliders.

From Sports craft to GMDSS ON CARGO VESSELS Icom has you covered.

Diverse marine radio products

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