Piscatus: is connected to an echo-sounder and, together with extra software (needs higher computer specification namely higher graphics dual screen NVIDIA card) will display 3D bottom contouring and with the further option of ROXANNE software and interfaced to any Echo-sounder, will also display valuable bottom hardness information. Traveling over your fishing ground, it will log the ocean bottom, giving over time increasing amount of information about depth, structures, and bottom types.

We can also supply and Install VMS for AFMA and PIRSA requirements VMS will give Satellite (Text only) email capability on the same computer (needs one serial or USB port preferably native)



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CPLOT can be installed on any client computer with the following  minimum configuration (*1)

DUOCORE OR CELERON 1.6G hz +, 1 Gb RAM 80 Gb HDD DVD RW drive

(*1) Contact us for PC specifications of Piscatus

Product Summary

· Detailed CMAP MAXPRO charts

· Easy user data interface

· Up to date tide chart display

· Extensive fishing marks management

· BEACON AIS ARPA interfacing

· Fishing marks with extensive symbol and color choice as well as additional text information

· Additional Optional functionality with Piscatus and ROXANNE software and hardware *see below*

Price For program and chart software $1,485

The possibilities are endless, from a basic CPLOT chart navigation system many subsystems can be  built such as

1. Piscatus, 3D imaging of underwater ocean bottom structures using a global base ocean bottom data base and building on that with input from one’s own fish finders

2. AIS (automatic ship Identification System) target display

3. ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) Target information

4. Beacon Tuna farm or long-line radio Beacon position display

5. Temperature input from NMEA hull mount temperature sensor

6. AP1000 computer based autopilot interface

 See other pages for information on Mobile and Satellite communications and internet solutions

Either a laptop or desk top pc on a vessel is a useful navigation and fishing data tool!

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